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Photography and travel have been my passions for many years.  I bought my first “SLR” in college as I was preparing to spend a year abroad on an international studies program.  Since we were going to be living in a castle in the north of England, the investment seemed worthwhile – it was!  I hitchhiked and snapped my way around Europe and a great love for photography and travel was born.

Through the years, I nurtured my passion for photography through classes, reading and shooting shooting shooting.  I continued to travel as much as I could, saving my pennies and splurging on trips back to England.

In 1999 my life took a sudden turn.  I was working in insurance underwriting and attending a program in sign language interpretation when a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia turned my life upside down.  I was forced to abandon my career ambitions and quit working full time.  What was, for me, a very black cloud revealed its silver lining as I was able to devote my time to photography, working at my own pace as my illness allowed.  I have found the old cliché to be true: when one door closes, another door opens.

Life Image is an outgrowth of that unexpected turn of events.  In the challenges and the blessings, I continue to grow as an artist and a person.  My vision is shaped by the world around me and my response to it.  From the enduring nature of stones to the fleeting splendor of sunsets, life reveals its rhythm … in my garden, in my home state of Minnesota, and in the many places around the world that I have visited.  The greeting cards offered through Life Image, LLC are my way of sharing my art with you.  Enjoy!

Rita Nohner

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